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About our services

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us at Seoulmedispa. That’s why we take cleanliness very seriously. As such, we NEVER double dip (yuck!), we wear gloves for every service, we use hospital-grade disinfectant and fresh medical paper after every client. You can feel comfortable and confident at Seoulmedispa knowing you are in a clean and safe environment.

At Seoulmedispa, we understand that everyone’s hair and skin type is different, so we use wax that will provide you with the most efficient and comfortable waxing experience, creating flawless results every time. We use a combination of both hard and soft waxes to meet your unique hair removal needs. Plus, our waxes are exclusive to us—it is the most effective, safest and pain-free waxes on the market!

All of our waxes are made with natural ingredients, are allergy-friendly and are designed to provide benefits to your skin! Some clients find that additives in certain waxes can cause them to have allergic reactions. If you are concerned, we’re happy to give you a free test strip to be sure.

We use

LYCOJET Super Hero Stripless Hot Wax

LYCOJET Super Hero Stripless Wax is applied at a low temperature, shrink-wraps around the hairs and removes even the most stubborn hairs as short as 1mm! It can be re-applied multiple times on just waxed skin without discomfort or irritation. This stripless hot wax is used mainly for facial waxing but also ‘works well with others when used in combination with our hard and/or strip wax. The result with LYCOJET is smoother, hair-free skin for longer…eliminating the need to tweeze!

Platinum Strip Wax
Used on larger areas of the body like arms and legs, our Platinum wax has a beautiful glimmer and applies extra smooth. Ingredients include:

  • ZINC: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing
  • TITANIUM DIOXIDE: reduces redness and inflammation, helps with any skin sensitivities, lessens pain with a strong grip on the skin for smooth removal
  • GARDENIA: antioxidant, antibacterial and reduces swelling
  • COCONUT OIL: moisturizing, soothing and calming

Experience the Platinum advantage today!


Buy 12 get 3 free
Buy 9 get 2 free
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Service Price
Brow Shaping Creates a defined brow shape & design
Full Face Includes: cheeks, chin, upper lip, forehead, nostrils, & brows $46 Forehead
Cheeks/Sides of face
Inner Thigh
Upper Lip
Neck (Front or Back)
Brow Wax
Brow Tint
Lash Tint
The 3-pack (Brow shaping, brow tint and lash tint)
Lash Lift
Lash Lift and Tint
The 4-pack (Brow shaping, brow tint, lash tint and lash lift)


Service Price
Half Arm - Removes hair from upper or lower arm and lower arm includes hands and fingers
Full Arm - Removes hair from wrist to shoulders, includes hands and fingers
Inner Thigh
Lower Leg - Removes hair from knee to ankle includes feet and toes
Upper Leg - Removes hair from knee to hip. Does not Include feet and toes
Full Leg - Removes hair from hip to ankle includes feet and toes
Feet & Toes
Lower Back - Removes hair from mid-back to waist line
Upper Back - Removes hair from the neckline to mid-back
Full Back - Removes hair from neckline to waist line
Nipples - Removes all hair on and around the nipples
Chest - Removes hair from neckline to beneath the breasts
Stomach Strip - Removes hair 2" to 3" from belly button to pant line
Full Stomach - Removes hair from bra line to panty line
Full Body - All waxing threading services. *Does not include tinting

Below the Belt

Service Price
The Brazilliant Removes all hair includes between the cheeks
The Modest Brazillian Removes all hair except for a frontal strip includes between the cheeks
The Bikini in Betweeny Removes hair outside of a thong panty line includes between the cheeks
The Classic Bikini Removes hair outside the panty line and on top. Does not include between the cheeks
Le Propre Derrière Removes all hair on the bum cheeks includes between the cheeks
The Cheeky Removes all hair on the bum cheeks. Does not include between the cheeks
Between the Cheeks Nuff said