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"Our passion is to enhance and enrich the lives of all people by inspiring the natural beauty found in all of us"

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Young graduated from Junghwa arts college in Seoul,Korea, 1996. She started her career as a permanent make up technician, hair stylist and esthetician.

As a permanent makeup technician

She took many courses to learn about the new techniques from Germany, USA and Korea.

She graduated from Miseckdanjang and Pink Line (the famous private permanent makeup schools in Korea). After, she worked as a teacher to train the new permanent make-up technicians in Korea from 2000. 


She committed to providing the best care available by staying up-to-date on the latest procedural techniques, using the most advanced equipment and the highest quality pigments. All together with complying strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines been followed in accordance with OSHA and CDC as well. Also, Disposable supplies and single-use sterile needles are used with each application. 


Young is totally dedicated to the successful outcome of each procedure, whether it be permanent cosmetics or eyelash extensions by achieving a natural, soft and elegant look in a clean and safe environment. She individually addresses each client’s specific needs, helping to rebuild self-esteem for those with medical issues or to help women save time for each morning.

As a medical aesthetician

She believes our skin has the ability to be healed and rejuvenated by using natural organic ingredients from eggs, seaweeds, and grains in our daily life.
She combines those natural products with special Korean massage skills (meridian massage) for the best outcome.
She also uses galvanic, ultrasonic, cupping and microdermabrasion machines for lifting the sagging skin, treating the acne skin and colour changes etc.
She is always challenging herself to be up to date in the beauty industry.

As a hairstylist

After graduating from the art college in Seoul in 1996, Young continued working as a hairstylist in Korea, Winnipeg, Mississauga and Ottawa till now. Young’s training in Seoul includes the Vidal Sassoon Academy course, the Wella Color course.



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