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Hair Services

Seoul hair salon has all the services you need to create and maintain your personal style. Stop in for a cut, shampoo. But why not try something different? A perm or texture service can give limp locks a boost. Highlight any style with a colour service from Seoul hair salon Whether all-over colour or foil highlights, luminous colour can brighten any style. Take a look at this wide selection of services, and visit us today.


Korean Magic straight perm (Japanese straightening treatment)

The Korean Magic Straight Perm works to permanently straighten your hair. 

A chemical solution is applied to the client’s hair, left to cure, rinsed out, blow-dried and straightened until the results are satisfactory. The chemicals involved in the Magic Straight Perm work to penetrate the hair and break down the proteins so that your hair can be completely re-styled.

If your kinks and curls make you want to scream every morning when you style your hair, then you should consider the Magic Straight Perm to make your hair beautiful, silky, and, of course, straight.

The Magic Straight Perm method also uses nourishing proteins and involves a deep conditioning mask to protect your hair and get rid of frizz so that you have perfectly sleek hair the moment the treatment is complete.


 C-Curl perm

C-Curl perm involved straightening the hair while the ends are curved inward or outward. This creates fresh, bouncy and texturized hair. To get the best results, this hair treatment uses a digital perm machine imported from South Korea.


S-Curl perm

S-Curl perm produces a tighter curl and creates natural wavy hair. Like C-Curl perm, this hair treatment uses a digital perm machine from South Korea.


Magic setting perm

Magic setting perm involves straightening and setting perm. It smothers the top of the hair and adds a C curl or S curls at the ends. It is recommended for those with frizzy hair and those who want to have smooth curls and more volumes.

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Women's hair cut

Service Price
$30 +
cut + style
$45 +
$25 +
Former style
$35 +
Up style
$55 +
Bridle up style

Men's hair cut

Service Price
$25 +


Service Price
Solid colour roots
$60 +
Roots to end
$90 +
Small Partial highlight
$85 +
Large partial highlight
$105 +
Full highlight
$125 +
Toner with highlight
$35 +
Toner for refresher
$55 +
Toner for balayage
$75 +
$185 +


Service Price
Rods perm
$120 +
Setting and Digital perm
$200 +
Korean Magic Straight perm
$300 +
Keratin smoothing treatment
$300 +