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skin and body treatment

Organic facial treatment

Organic facial treatment: Lasting results, with a clean conscience.
We provide Organic Facials provide effective treatments with the benefits:


  • Promote naturally healthy and resilient skin through natural ingredients.
  • Help improve skin elasticity and moisture retention
  • Unclog poles, reduce acne, reduce fine lines
  • Keep your face looking youthful and smooth
Service Price
Seoul signature facial (anti-wrinkle, lifting, firming,acne deep cleansing)
60m -115$

Korean Traditionnal massage

A Korean Massage is typically a full body, deep tissue massage where the masseur uses fingers, the thumbs, and elbows to apply acupressure, stroking and kneading. The main goals of a Korean Massage are releasing muscle tensions, relaxing the nervous system, reducing pains, improving blood and lymph circulation, and balancing the Chi (Qi) energy flow in the body.

Service Price
60 min

Korean facial kunglock massage

After one session, you walk out with a noticeably different face, and after ten sessions, you look like you might have had plastic surgery because you look so different—but in a good way. you look like the best version of yourself. And the best part is it’s all-natural—there are no knives, no surgeries—ever.

The human head has 29 different bones—they’re not static, and, depending on how we use our muscles, the bones can shift in sometimes very noticeable ways. We work with various acupressure points to relieve tension which tightens muscles.

We also use hybrid techniques—a mixture of a fascia massage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, bone adjustment, using the knuckles to knead muscles and bones.

This massage includes an organic facial massage, a stomach massage(help get it pumping and working better), also deep tissue massage on the upper back. 

Service Price
90 min